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There’s an app for that!

Posted by on December 30, 2011

What do you get when you combine the virtual world with the real world? Okay, so it’s not really combining, but the people who invented Ignio app had a clever idea. Ignio is a  Catholic app to help people help each other on their faith walk. You build up a set of friends (you and 11 others) who share prayer lists and you get an alerts every time someone on your team does their daily reading. So, what’s  the combined part? In order to light the candle (you didn’t mention a candle) you have to bump two phones together.

Oh, the candle. The motif of the application is a candle. You light the candle by bumping two phones together, then as you live your faith the flame grows. Daily readings, praying for others and going to church make the flame glow. It knows when you are at a parish because you check in like FourSquare.

The bumping the phones is a blessing, and a pain. I have an iPod Touch that needs to have a WiFi connection in order to make the flame to work, but when I get with someone who has the app, we don’t have internet access. But I keep trying. Maybe you’ll have the flame to light my candle.

If you get the app, add me as a friend.

Do you have any great faith app you use on your iPhone or Android phone? Share it in the comment section.

download it at

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    I have a few good apps. Irosary by is great.

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