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Well Done Good abd Faithful Servant

Posted by on April 25, 2012

After over a decade as Lay Director of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Worcester, Charley O’Neil is stepping down. During that time hundreds of men and women have had their life enhanced, (if not changed completely), at a Cursillo weekend. Of course it was the Holy Spirit enhancing those lives but the Holy Spirit used the Cursillo movement to do it. Charley tirelessly lead that Cursillo movement.

And there is greatness in his leadership. Leading volunteers, regardless of their passion, can be a challenging thing. Tough decisions become tougher. Holding volunteers to high expectations becomes tougher. Charley met that challenge. He has earned the respect of those he has surrounded himself with.

Anyone who knows Charley O’Neil knows that he loves our Lord Jesus Christ. And Charley believes that the church is, indeed, the Body of Christ. That means it is up to us to continue the work of Christ here on earth. He believes it and he lives it. He has shown it with his involvement in Cursillo and he shows it with every aspect of his life. Charley is an incredible power of example in living the tri-pod of the authentic Christian. He teaches it and he lives it.

Many of us have special memories of Charley. It could be enjoying a conversation while he smoked his pipe at the end of the ramp at Oakhurst – or the way he cleaned the flat top grill. For many it will be his powerful talks. The fact of the matter is he has touched the lives of many. I, for one, am a better man for having Charley O’Neil in my life.

I believe with every ounce of my being that Jesus is saying with the rest of us, “Well done good and faithful servant!”

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5 Responses to Well Done Good abd Faithful Servant

  1. spfiedler

    Thank you Charley for your long and dedicated service to the Cursillo movement. For me, Cursillo was and is a stepping stone to a richer and more intense relationship with Jesus. I probably would not be a Franciscan today if Cursillo had not been there first. Thank you for the many seeds you have help planted

  2. Michael Keane

    Charley, Thank you for your leadership and guidance over the last 10 years. Without people with a heart to serve, like you have served, this movement would not have been grown. So many have have been introduced to Cursillo during your stewardship – Amen! I will always remember your wit and easy gentle strength.

  3. RichD

    Charley, I cherish the memories of our strategy sessions together: determining the best method for preparing scrambled eggs on a gas grille that runs very hot while cooking breakfast at Oakhurst. You are a “detail person”, with a gift for listening and collaborating that allows for great synergy.

    Thank you for modeling selfless service to us!

  4. tbkenney

    Charley, we all know that Cursillo is what it is because of God, but you had to do the work. And thanks to your hard work, dedication and agape, my own own life and journey toward God have been enriched and blessed in countless ways. My marriage, my work life, my friendships, not to mention my relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all richer and deeper because of Cursillo. Thanks for answering the call, brother!

  5. skierbrian

    Thank you Charley for your mentoring, patience and understanding. I am a better Christian and have met many more Christian brothers, thanks to you.

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