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Why does God allow bad things to happen

Posted by on October 15, 2013

I am not a theologian or a priest.  I’m just a guy who loves to read, pray and ponder.  I was recently asked this question. This is what I think. I’d love to hear what you think.

Why does God let people suffer?  Good question.  A dear friend of mine was molested as a young girl by a kid 5 years older than her.  She kept praying for it to stop.  It didn’t.  Now she can’t decide if God hates her, if she hates God or if God doesn’t exist.

 Life is hard.  Sometimes it’s ridiculously hard.  Why does God allow it to be so hard?  I think it’s a legitimate question.  The thing is – most of the time the answer is simply free will.  God didn’t make that kid molest my friend.  Statistically speaking – he was probably being molested elsewhere.  God didn’t make that happen either. 

 Cancer in young children is a terrible thing.  In my not so humble opinion, cancer is primarily caused by humans.  Pollution, pesticides, hormones in our food…  God didn’t do that.  God doesn’t cause a baby to be born with AIDS or as a crack addict.  We do all that!  I actually had a woman ask the same question about cancer and two minutes later she was smoking a cigarette.  True story.  It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

 What does God do?  First of all – God’s Spirit lives inside us and is available for the asking.  St Paul says that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.  That love is strong.  That love is all powerful.  The closer we align ourselves with that love the better we are at getting through this hard crap and being stronger and more loving as we do.

 Another thing God has done for us is give us Jesus to teach us how to get through life’s crap.  It’s the same way – Love.  I believe that as a human race, (not just as individuals), we a called – required really – to act in love in all things.  If it’s of love it is of God and if it’s not it’s not. 

 That’s what Cursillo is all about.  We are about changing the world!  I believe it’s an attainable goal.  Jesus would not have come if it wasn’t.  If you look at the miracles that happen at a Cursillo weekend you have to know two things:  God exists and God loves Cursillo.   God wants love to take over the world and calls us to be part of it.

 What about natural disasters?  Why does God allow that?  For me, the answer to that is we are living as part of nature.  It is fun to ponder how everything is so naturally connected in this world.  Nature’s force is part of that connection.  And again, we are called as a human race to help those affected.  It’s a beautiful thing to be part of that.

One Response to Why does God allow bad things to happen

  1. RichD

    Suffering is a participation in the mystery of Christ and is the way Paul can become like Christ. Suffering is his way of “becoming like him (Christ) in his death” so that he “may attain the resurrection from the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11). Through his suffering, Paul sees himself as participating in the Passion of Christ. Because we are being saved through the death and resurrection of Christ we must participate in his Passion to obtain salvation.

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