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Posted by on December 20, 2007


“After the Cursillo [from Toledo held between 14 and May 18, 1954, which Manuel Aparici attended] -writes Bibiloni-, Aparici wrote a letter to Bishop Hervas saying to him: “I think that the Lord has provided to us an splendid instrument. I confess sincerely that the Cursillo in Christianity improves notably all the previous. I am delighted to have lived this Cursillo, not only because there are things that only living them may be known, but because I be able to defend it of censorship that makes some who were not with the desire to find the truth”. Words latter loaded with significance […] [1].
The letter reveals the greatness of soul of Manuel Aparici.
«Mallorca -writes at another time-, was not the only focal point of apostolic irradiation. Also Ciudad Real, with the doctor Hervas appointed for that see; Madrid with the Higher Council for Youth Action Spanish Catholic [his National Ecclesiastical Assessor was Manuel Aparici] and the presence of Sebastian Ga’; Cordoba, Juan Ca’³ based there, contributed the spreading of the new method in the way of the Old Continent» [2].

* Manuel Aparici «[…] was a very open and sympathetic man […] [3]. «[…] It was so his prestige and his human and Christian standing that […] when he adopted the system of Cursillos, nobody opposed to him» [4]. «[…] I saw to him act with that fire of the soul that dragging» [5]. «[…] I heard to him so often recommend to me the Cursillos […]» [6].

* «Their “rollos” […] were of much level, although easy to understand, the one of Sacraments stunned […]. In those days I store memory (the copy was broken many years ago) his dedication of the Book Preces or Pilgrim’s Guide: “There is no greater joy to see grow the Grace in brothers, and the only sadness is not to be a saint [ …]» [7].

* «[…] When he explained the “Sacerdotal Order” and “the Eucharist” he finished excited […], we felt that the heart exploded to him, because the words left to him the soul, because his conviction was deep…; I cannot remember those expressions of the love of God without exciting to me constantly» [8].
* «[…] In the nights of the Cursillos in front of the Tabernacle, and in the chapel of the National Council of the Young People of Catholic Action was frequent to have to enter and to give him in the shoulder saying to him: D. Manuel, lets to pray that we must begin the meeting of the Council. I saw to him many times engrossed before the Tabernacle […]. In the Cursillos he spent almost the entire night in prayer» [9].

* «[…] He was Director of many Cursillos […], dedicating itself intensely, even during his last disease, while their forces allowed to him and against the recommendations of the doctors.

»During this time I was an assiduous collaborator of the Servant of God in the Cursillos, like Rector or Professor of many; we travel around all Spain giving Cursillos […]» (14).

* «[…] When he suffered the heart attack that it put in the bed himself, I commented with some friends that could very well to influence the emotional pressure which he was subjected constantly in the Cursillos, in which very frequently he implied himself, convinced that […] was the great apostolic finding […]. His sick room (in his house) followed being still regarded as the centre of irradiation the spirit of the Youth Catholic Action. He does not regret. He lived a different stage in its path and took naturally, without becoming illusions about his return […]. [15].

* «All his body […] and all his mind was devoted to project the image of Christ in all the youth, so that everyone was a heart filled with love and total dedication as he had. When I saw to him prostrate in bed, sick, full of pain, health problems and poverty, he said: “To consummate the chalice that he had asked to drink and that the Lord offered to him» [16].
* «[…] Put in the bed practically, as he were, he directed different Short Courses in Christianity, of leaders, of formation and apostolate, groups of Exercises […]. He was hours in oration, he gave chats, “rollos” or meditations seated, he personally received people. I never saw to him complain, nor lose the mood and the humour, the patience, demand something: food, treatment, money; this always came to him too big and by now it could feel that it repugnant to him literally» [17].

* «[…] He burned out his life in the last years giving Short Courses in Christianity and promoting control panel of leaders and militants of the Youth of Catholic Action […]» [18].

«Those that we lived in the surroundings on D. Manuel we said and we commented that really D. Manuel was a saint, and this fame was spontaneous; and many young people of the rest of Spain were witnesses through the Short Courses in Christianity » [19].
Carlos Peinó Agrelo

Collaborator in the composition of the

Positio super virtutibus
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  1. Shelly

    I just got back from my Cursillo weekend, and It was the mot amazing weekend I have ever had… I will never ever forget it as long as I live!

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